INTEROJO - the best quality soft contact lens with advanced technology

INTEROJO - the best quality soft contact lenses with advanced technology

The hallmark of INTEROJO contact lenses is a clinically correct lens fit on the cornea. Experienced doctors know that no matter the excellent technical performance of the lens, its fit and behavior on the cornea plays the most important part.

Among many other great features of INTEROJO lenses is the fact that they are all manufactured using HD (High Definition) technology for high-definition vision clarity.

HD lenses, unlike other aspherical lenses, have an ideal aspheric curvature for each diopter and thickness, as well as compensate for the deflection caused by the lens deformities in the eye during blinking and eyelid pressure. This leads to better visual acuity at all distances, and increases depth of field, reduces astigmatism and improves contrast sensitivity, providing sharper and clearer vision.

Another important benefit is the existence of UV filters in our lenses, which protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays that can trigger dangerous medical conditions.

HD lenses from the world-famous INTEROJO manufacturer are a great choice for patients with astigmatism, early presbyopia, and anyone who wants to have a better eyesight.

INTEROJO products are presented with a variety of high quality contact lenses with different specifications.

INTEROJO has become a world-renowned company thanks to the remrkable development of the Morning Q 55 monthly hydrogel lenses.
Sodium hyaluronate – Morning Q Bio and Morning Q 1-Day lenses offer users a lasting comfort during wear. These lenses have Sodium Hyaluronate incorporated into the matrix of the material at the polymerization stage.
Since 2012, the company has been releasing O2O2 silicone hydrogel lenses that have gained a great deal of support among doctors and patients.

INTEROJO also produces toric, multifocal, bandage, and colored lenses of the highest quality, i.e. everything you need in contact vision correction.

INTEROJO contact lenses are trusted around the world

Today, INTEROJO is one of the fastest growing ophthalmic companies. Continuous investments in scientific research ensures the production of the highest quality contact lenses.

Not only is INTEROJO the best contact lens manufacturer in South Korea, but it has also successfully assisted patients on all continents. Due to their high quality, our lenses are present in many countries around the world, including such highly competitive markets as the USA and Japan. INTEROJO lenses are used in almost all European countries, where they are mostly sold under private trademarks.

Quality contact lens enthusiasts from the CIS countries also benefit from INTEROJO products.

You can buy INTEROJO contact lenses from Likon – our official partner in Ukraine, online, and at the variety of Optics in your town.

We are constantly  improving our technology to provide patients with different needs with the best modern contact lenses.