Material Development

Improved comfort by increasing oxygen permeability and wettability of contact lenses

Material Synthesis

Enhanced quality of contact lenses due to the material synthesis using high technology


UltraSoo is Interojo’s patented technology for premium contact lens which improves comfortability by adding hyaluronic acid* to the raw material mixture. This technology is more developed than any of the current ones that just contain wetting agent in saline solution. UltraSoo provides stable and comfortable fitting for a long time and helps stabilizing tear film by reducing friction between eyes and the contact lenses

*Hyaluronic acid
Widely used in medical care as it has excellent water-binding properties. It exists in human’s vitreous humour, joint, placenta and skin.


GrabSoo is Interojo’s patented technology for daily silicone hydrogel contact lens. Hydrophilic polymers bind tight to each other like LEGO blocks. It makes contact lens clearer and stronger and prevents protein deposition.


DepoSoo is Interojo’s patented technology for monthly silicone hydrogel contact lens. Hyaluronic acid is deposited on the hydrophobic silicon surface of a contact lens to form a hydrophilic layer during the polymerization process.


Color Pigment Printing

Ensure eye safety from pigment printed on color contact lens by special pigment coating technology

Functional Lens Design

Our HD technology effectively corrects astigmatism and presbyopia


The Dual Safety Shielding Technology prevents direct contact of the pigment with an eye.

HD Vision Design

High Definition Technology is applied to all INTEROJO contact lenses and provide clear vision.


Precise Mold

Our highly precise molds lead high precision mass production

Equipment Design

Conceptual design technology for production equipment

Process Design

Process design technology to improve product yield rate and efficiency

Manufacturing Technology

This technology provides stable manufacturing of contact lenses

Mold Production System

Our special Mold Production System ensures stable mass production.